Our Products

PulseTor develops and manufactures components and systems for
X-ray spectroscopy and Electron imaging
for electron microscopes

Our electron detectors use Scintillator-on-(solid state photo) Multiplier (SoM) Technology, in which Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) directly coupled to scintillators replace bulky light pipes and Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). Our product line is called SPRITE (small and magical), an acronym derived from Silicon PhotomultiplieR Imaging Technology for Electrons. We offer complete Segmented BSED systems for upgrades as well as custom OEM designs.

Our MAXIM SDDs and TORRENT Digital Pulse Processors provide highest spectral fidelity at high rates in electron microscope applications, effectively managing pulse pile-up even for light elements. We offer stand-alone detectors to integrate with your current system and OEM level digital pulse processors.

PulseTor has integrated its electron detector technology with its SDD to create ON-X, the SDD with Vision, which enables a new imaging mode called Take-off Angle Imaging, which not only produces images with unique contrast, but also provides the best possible correlation between electron image and associated X-ray maps.

To complete our product line, PulseTor has partnered with Quartz Imaging to offer the XOne complete EDS system, the industry’s most powerful X-ray and image analysis software and data archiving system.

If our standard product offerings don’t fit your development or R&D requirements, we offer custom solutions. Please contact our development and applications staff (Rick Mott or Nick Barbi).