ON-X: The SDD with Vision

Enabling Take-off Angle BSE Imaging

ON-X is the first and only SDD with an integrated electron detector, providing an electron image that uniquely correlates with X-ray maps to give electron and X-ray images with nearly identical parallax and shadowing effects.

    See what your X-ray detector sees!

  • Accurately correlate your X-Ray maps with electron images
  • See topographical features and shadowing effects
  • See both topography and compositional contrast

Generic Annular BSED
On-X Take-Off Angle BSED

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Sintered Stainless Steel with Si spheres
"Without ON-X" = Pole Piece mounted BSED in Topographic mode

B. On-X Take-Off Angle BSED
leads to
Complex X-Ray Map

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FeSi sample. Conditions: 0.15 nA, 20kV, 1500X

ON-X integrates the topographic view of a Low-Angle Backscattered Electron Detector with an X-ray detector

PulseTor’s unique SDD with integrated Take-off Angle Electron Imaging provides the best possible correlation between the electron image and corresponding X-ray maps. For the first time, see what your X-ray detector sees. No longer do you have to explain why features readily visible in your electron image are just dark areas in your X-ray maps, or why they have different shapes and perspectives.

PulseTor employs its new scintillator-on-multiplier (SoM) imaging technology to integrate dual electron sensors with the SDD electron trap assembly:

Electrons, prevented from striking and transmitting through the thin X-ray window by the magnetic field of the trap, readily strike the dual SoM sensors.

The result is Take-Off Angle Imaging, providing an electron image having essentially the same line-of-sight as your X-ray maps, showing nearly the same parallax and shadowing effects. When the Take-off Angle image is overlaid with individual or combined corresponding X-ray maps, image features and elemental concentrations are readily revealed with correlation never before possible.

A grid viewed from the top with an annular BSED; an X-ray detector mounted at a 35 degree angle sees a quite different view. ON-X shows the electron and X-ray views from the same perspective.

Advantages of ON-X:

  • Take-off Angle imaging always provides both atomic number and topographical contrast, adding unique image quality and perspective
  • Take-off Angle Imaging provides an electron image having the best possible correlation with your X-ray Maps, including parallax and shadowing effects
  • ON-X confirms if dark areas in your X-ray maps are due to topography-induced shadowing