PulseTor's innovative
ON-X™: the SDD with Vision
enabling image quality and perspectives never before possible

PulseTor makes high performance Silicon Drift Detectors and Pulse Processors for SEM/EDX analysis. We are the world's only provider of SoM-based SPRITE BSEDs (patent pending).

These components can be provided separately or integrated with Quartz XOne software for X-ray and Image Analysis and data archiving to complete the world's premier EDX system for SEMs.

PulseTor's MAXIM SDDs and TORRENT Advanced Digital Processor (5 patents awarded) deliver the industry's most accurate spectrum collection for high-rate EDX analysis.

ON-X™ Take-Off Angle BSED
leads to
Complex X-Ray Map

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FeSi with Cu, Si, Ti, Cr, Mn

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ON-X™ for precise results

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FeSi sample with Cr inclusions