For OEMs

PulseTor works closely with manufacturers or resellers of Electron Microscopes to ensure that they have the highest performance EDS components.

We offer SDD detectors with nominal active area of 10 or 30 square millimeters, pulse processors in various form factors and including custom software, and custom electron detectors using our unique SoM technology (patent pending), based on solid state photomultipliers.

MAXIM SDDs can interface directly to pulse processors from other manufacturers, although PulseTor's flagship product, the TORRENT Advanced Digital Processor (awarded 5 US patents) delivers the highest throughput and spectrum fidelity, such performance advantage being magnified when the spectrum consists of a high contribution from light elements.

PulseTor's team is expert in X-Ray detector and electronics technology, electron detector technology based on solid state photomultipliers, and is skilled in XRF and microanalysis applications. Come to us for informed discussions on the best solution for your analysis requirements.