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Spectrum of Raney Nickel (Ni/Al catalyst) showing fitted peaks

EMSAviwer is a free utility to measure peak areas and resolutions easily. EMSAviewer shows the pile-up performance of your system by reporting the Pulse Pair Resolving Times (PPRTs) for different pairs of peaks.

EMSAviewer is not a full EDS software package. In particular, it does not perform quantitative analysis, it does not identify elements automatically, and its background models are empirical and rudimentary. It is a manual tool for peak and pile-up measurement.

Pulse-pair resolving times for Ni-L + Al and Al + Al sum peaks
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Pulse-pair resolving times for Ni-L + Al and Al + Al sum peaks

EMSAviewer is written in the Java language, and will operate on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms equally well. It should load most variations of the EMSA text format for spectra, which is exported by most EDS systems. There is also one demonstration spectrum supplied (RaneyNiDemo.msa).

EMSAviewer has been updated, and now requires Java6 to run. New features include:

  1. Support for escape lines
  2. Linear, log and square root spectrum display modes

EMSAviewer is open source. Please credit PulseTor and the author in any further redistribution of modifications to the software. Please send comments, bug reports, and feature requests to: emsaviewer@pulsetor.com.

EMSAviewer was developed entirely by Owen Healy, who recently graduated from Rutgers University and now works for PulseTor. He wrote the first version of this software as a high school student in the summer of 2007 in less than six weeks, with no prior knowledge of X-ray microanalysis, armed only with a copy of Goldstein et. al.


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