The Portable
X-Ray Fluorescence Solution

ELIO head mounted on tripod

ELIO is a compact, portable detection head for Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence applications, designed for in-situ analyses. XRF is completely non-destructive and, thanks to its innovative Silicon Drift Detectors, extremely portable and fast.

ELIO is an ideal solution for:

  • Artwork Analysis
  • Field or Museum Archaeology
  • Cultural Heritage Analysis
  • Forensic Science
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Materials Research
  • Nuclear Science
  • Restoration

ELIO is made by XGLab, a spin-off from Politecnico di Milano, the leading Italian technical University. PulseTor is proud to be their U.S. representative.

ELIO Technical Specifications:

Detection head

  • Large area Silicon Drift Detector: 25mm2 XRF Detector, 130 eV at MnKα with 10 kcps input photon rate (high resolution mode), 170 eV at MnKα with 200 kcps input photon rate (fast mode).
  • Electronics: fast (USB 2.0) 8k channels MCA with high resolution and high countrate capability.
  • Excitation source: transmission X-Ray generator, 5-200 µA, 10-40 kV, Rh anode (Ag, Au, Mo, W), 1mm or 2mm collimator, filters set.
  • Two pointing lasers (axial and focal)
  • Microscope camera (magnified image 2cm x 2cm), LEDs light dimming adjustment on analysis region, external videocamera (for large view images).

Tripod Mounting

  • Aluminum light tripod.
  • Geared Column: height adjustment - 43 cm - 188 cm.
  • Light duty grip ball head with easy 3D positioning.
  • Extention arm.


  • Elio software for complete instrument control in one interface.
  • Easy project and report creator.
  • Spectra visualization and calibration.


  • Int. Win 7 OS, Dual or Quad core i5-i7 processor, 1-2 GB ram, 13-15 inch monitor.

Download the ELIO brochure for more details