About PulseTor

PulseTor was established to design, build and distribute the highest performance Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) as well as SDD-optimized preamplifiers and digital pulse processors.

PulseTor, LLC was founded in 2006 by Rick Mott, Jim Nicolino, and Nick Barbi, three long-time contributors to the development of X-Ray Microanalysis instrumentation. Experience among the three founders spans across EDS and WDS technology, and includes design and manufacture of spectrometers, electronics, and software. The three founded PulseTor to participate in the latest exciting technology to impact energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy - Silicon Drift Detectors.

Advanced Analysis Technologies (AAT), founded in 1998 by Jim and Nick, is now a subsidiary of PulseTor, LLC, and continues to offer new Si(Li) detectors, and detector repairs and upgrades, with the industry's finest quality and fastest turn-around time. When your present Si(Li) detector needs repair, AAT offers free evaluation and can propose the complete range of solutions, from repair to replacement to an SDD upgrade.

PulseTor's team is expert in X-Ray detector and electronics technology, and is also skilled in XRF and microanalysis applications. Come to us for the finest quality hi-performance EDS front-end technology and informed discussions on the best solution for your analysis requirements.